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If your roon doesn't need completely refurbishing, but needs a bit more than just decorating, we are happy to undertake minor property repairs and maintenance projects. Here you can see a few of the projects that have been completed for customers.

Walk-in Larder

This project was undertaken for a customer who had an open, built-in cupboard in the kitchen.

Cupboard - before work   Cupboard after work (open)   Cupboard after work (closed)
Before work was undertaken, a walk-in cupboard, containing a fridge-freezer   After work was complete, the customer has a fitted walk in larder with Butcher's block chopping board   The larder can now be closed off from the rest of the kitchen, giving it a much neater appearance

Fitted Kitchen

A small kitchen that was fitted prior to the room being decorated

Kitchen - before work   Kitchen during work   Kitchen after work
Plaster repairs were made to make good the room, in preparation for the kitchen   The kitchen floor and wall units were fitted, with worktops and sink   The room was tiled and decorated to complete the finished article

Double Garage

An elegant double wooden garage

Garage - stage 1: walls   Garage - stage 2: roof   Garage - stage 3: doors
The walls go up, and the space is "tested" to see how big it is!   Next the pitched roof is put on, and the cars finally have some shelter   Wooden doors fitted, and the new garage is secure

Kitchen Renovation

As well as decorating this kitchen, the units were re-arranged & repainted. A new tiled worktop was put down, with a decorative wooden edge, giving a great contrast to the newly painted units.

Kitchen renovation   Kitchen renovation   Kitchen renovation
Newly painted,existing kitchen units   Kitchen units were re-arranged   New contrasting tiled worktops
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